• The major objective of the present project is to extend complex multilingual study material covering the area of industrial automation and telematics, supplemented by a multimedia dictionary of key terminology. These instruments will help the employees and specialists in the respective area who need re-qualification or knowledge update to keep and/or improve their position in the job market by the means of lifelong learning.
  • The principal output being developed within the project is a LLL online course covering the area of industrial automation and telematics, offering a variety of available languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Polish, Slovenian, Slovak and Czech). A multilingual tool for continuing education in the said area has not been prepared in such extent and quality so far.
  • Another output to be developed is a specialized multimedia dictionary containing thousands of key terminological entries including their pronunciation in the above-listed languages. Such dictionary, which surely may be very helpful especially for the employees in an international environment, is also incomparable to any existing tool.
  • Both products are being developed as online applications within a learning management system that offers also tutoring and supervision capabilities; however, an alternative version will be prepared for those trainees who cannot access the LMS over an Internet connection, with the tutoring option based on other forms of communication.
Department of Telecommunication Engineering,
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague
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