Module 3 – Sensors


Oto Sládek


This module contains information crucial to the students’ insight into the field of sensor technics, i.e. the typical examples of the input quantities and basic applied actuating quantities. The most of the module is devoted to the most used of these sensors in industrial practice, i.e. temperature or rate of flow sensors.

Module Objectives

The most frequently used and important types of sensors in everyday industrial practice provide basis of the information of this module. Following a careful study of the module the students should aquire the information, facilitating them with the overall knowledge of the basic types of sensors of temperature, pressure, flow rate, distance and others and, in addition, the students should be able to design these sensors and understand their parameters and the compatibility with different applications.


sensors, measurements

Creation Date: 29. 04. 2009

Updated: 29. 04. 2009

Level of difficulty