Module 14 – Case studies and examples


Ladislav Šmejkal, Oto Sládek


This module contains information about typical examples of MaR projects implementation. It consists of a section related to two main examples of implementation, including a description of the project documentation, and of a selection of options for one of those examples. The module is supplemented by other examples and pictures.

Module Objectives

After revision of this module, students should have a basic overview of the working process of a typical automation project, which components it consists of, how are these parts connected. The students should be able to properly prepare project processes, which they will manage, or participate in them in a different ways and to use this knowledge in their own industrial practice.


Case studies, Designing, Automation, Communication, Simulation, Inputs and Outputs

Creation Date: 12. 04. 2010

Updated: 12. 04. 2010

Level of difficulty